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Amber Fairy Berries (pack of 10) LED light orbs

Amber Fairy Berries - pack of 10

One cannot resist the magic of Fairy Berries! Use them in your backyard to create your own Neverland and watch everyone's eyes widen in amazement. When used collectively, the fading glow feature of the Fairy Berry offers the illusion of moving fairies. Their water resistant design allows them to float, making them the perfect addition to any water based centerpiece. Place them in floral arrangements or use the recessed hook and some fishing line to hang them from bushes, trees, and ceilings. No matter how you decide to use them, Fairy Berries are sure to create a beautiful atmosphere that can only attract attention! 

These 3/4" plastic balls include one LED bulb that produces a fading in and out light effect. To activate the light, open the fairy berry and pull out the battery isolator tab. Average Battery Life: 20 Hours. The batteries are replaceable - each fairy berry requires 2 CR-1220.