SKU: 84230608745_01

Champagne Meryl Pedestal Cake Stand & Vase 16"

The Champagne Meryl Stand is a lovely and versatile piece with dual uses! In addition to its use as a sturdy cake pedestal, this stand also a VASE! Just flip it over for a metal fluted vase - two great uses for the price of one product! Add this item to your inventory as a bride, event planner, florist, corporate or church group for use time and again with beautiful result. 

The Champagne Meryl Stand is 16" tall x 15.5" wide. Made with cast aluminum featuring a champagne colored brushed finish to add character and a vintage charm. The inside of the tray is 14.75" wide. and the base is 9-7/8" wide. This item is a heavy industrial quality item.

Note: This item has not been tested for a specific weight capacity. We recommend using a cake that is no wider than 14", 2 or 3 tiers maximum.