Where you store your food can influence how you perceive its taste. So, when you’re expecting guests or organizing an event, don’t settle for any dull kitchen drawers, cabinets, or plastic containers. Spice up the dining experience with Save On Craft’s wooden crates, bins, and trays. Browse through our selection of items with designs reminiscent of the quaint early Americana charm. Take a gander at our handmade wood boxes that come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. Some crates have large spaces to store luggage while remaining classy enough to be used as decorations. If wood isn’t your preference, you can opt for our trays made of harder materials. Choose trays made of slate or metals of various styles, including whitewashed metal and antique gold-framed mirrors, which all evoke that vintage appeal of America’s yesteryears. All of our products are excellent for food displays for events or as simple decors for your home.