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Silver Manzanita Potted Tree 4 ft

Create a sparkling display for your event, party, or wedding with this Potted Silver Faux Manzanita Tree! The wired branches of this artificial Manzanita tree are covered in silver glitter - giving an instant dazzling shine to any setting. The sturdy base is enclosed by a square a shimmery silver-painted wooden pot; and topped with natural white stones. Use as-is for a simple yet glamorous accent; or add fairy lights, crystals, or garland to fashion an impressive, dramatic aesthetic. 

This faux wedding tree is 4 feet tall overall. The pot itself is 6.75" tall with a 6" square base. The branches may be spread up to 18". 

Adorned with flower blooms or pom-poms, this beautiful tree would be a great focal point for an upscale dinner party. For a formal black-tie evening event, a couple of these trees would provide a memorable look when placed at entranceways or either side of a stage. For a holiday party, hang colorful ornaments on the branches and place in your foyer to whimsically welcome guests.