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Burlap Square Tablecloth 54in

Burlap Square Tablecloth 54inBurlap Square Tablecloth 54in

Burlap Square Tablecloth 54in

$6.99, 6 for $36.00$10.99
(Save 36%)

Use the Burlap Square Tablecloth to embellish a nature-adorned party. This simple, rustic covering will compliment jars and bottles of fresh flowers, potted cacti and succulents, and handmade pottery. Or, create a simple yet elegant backdrop for photos by draping this piece over a fence, or hanging it on a wall and surrounding with decorations. This tablecloth measures 54” x 54”.


  • Each is 54 x 54 inches square
  • Buy 6 and save even more
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