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DIY How to make a bridal wreath - Click to enlargeDIY How to make a bridal wreath
DIY How to make a bridal wreath

How to make a Bridal Wreath for the bridesmaids to carry or to hang for decoration.

Use as a wreath for decorating your chair backs or tables. Or have your bride's maids and/or flower girls carry them down the aisle.

Add fresh or preserved wedding flowers to your wreath the day of the wedding.  

This simple but elegant ivy wreath makes a great keepsake too.  


Click on the image above to enlarge.  

     Secure the ivy garland to the front of the wire wreath form with floral wires. Secure the other ivy garland to the back of the wreath form using floral wires.  

     Cut the baby's breath into pieces and hot glue it evenly into the ivy.


     Pull off the flowers and hot glue them into the ivy and the babies breath. If you are using fresh flowers, you can attach them with floral wires.


     Double over the ribbon and hot glue it to the inside of the garland.