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Top 10 Bridal Shower Favor Ideas


Top 10 Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Let’s face it: The bridal shower gift itself matters less than the creativity and beauty of the packaging it comes in. Something simple will suffice as long as it is thoughtful and presented aesthetically. So get your gals something small, cute, and easy to wrap. Here are a few ideas to bring an enchanting, memorable touch to your bridal shower.

  • Downright Regal

    Wrap your gifts in glamorous beauty with this regal combination. Utilize this bridal shower idea to compliment your ultra-luxe event, giving the girls something to enjoy long after your party. For this gift-wrapping, select a thick but pliable paper to envelop the favor. Use turquoise paper to add a bit of sparkle to your look. Once the gift is wrapped, bind a single strand of black velvet ribbon around it, lengthwise, and use hot glue to secure it in place. For a formal touch, use a hot glue gun and gold sealing waxto create a focal point on the top of the gift.
    Photo from Brides Magazine, UK
    Top 10 Bridal Shower Favor Ideas
  • Shower Magic

    Bring an enchanted look to your special day with these sparkling trinkets. This bridal shower favor idea is easy to emulate, and will stir the imaginations of your party guests. For these gifts, use tiny corked glass bottles to encapsulate and showcase the glittering dust. Next, fill each bottle with iridescent mica flakes. The flakes can be added to crafts, cards, or simply sprinkled for a twinkling finish. Finally, tie white satin ribbon around the necks of your bottles to complete your fairy dust favors.
    Photo from Bespoke Bride
    Top 10 Bridal Shower Favor Ideas
  • Polished Party

    For your super chic, stylized party, opt for a sleek bridal party favor. This easy little gift is practical and beautiful, and very easy to recreate. For this meshed look, select high quality nail polishes to wrap. Next, envelop the polish bottles in white tulle rounds, which gives the gift an elegant, sheer covering. Use thin, champagne-tinted ribbon to seal the tulle pouch, finishing in a bow for a striking flair. Place these wrapped treasures atop a tablecloth for a final, whimsical touch.
    Photo from Shower Belle
    Top 10 Bridal Shower Favor Ideas
  • Bold and Beautiful

    Bring a cheerful burst of color to your all-girl party with these popping pots. For this bridal shower favor idea, select small, gold-rimmed terra cotta pots to hold your treats. Next, wrap thick stripes of vivid purple and orange twine around the bodies of your pots, and keep in place with hot glue.
    Photo from Bespoke Bride
    Top 10 Bridal Shower Favor Ideas
  • Friendly Flowers

    Freshen up your shower with these cone-wrapped flowers. This bridal shower favor transitions from a lovely, spring-inspired party decoration to a gift to be savored by your guests. Emulate this look with paper cones, artificial tulip stems, and twine. First, select brown paper cones to hold your flowers. Next, place a faux pink tulip spray (cut to size) in your cones, ensuring that the pastel bulbs peep out of the cone openings. Finally, wrap twine cording around the middle of the cones for a bit of rustic texture.
    Photo from Bespoke Bride
    Top 10 Bridal Shower Favor Ideas
  • Lavender Luxury

    Create a classic, French ambience at your shower with these luxurious presents. This bridal shower favor idea will compliment your spa or makeover-themed event. For these gifts, select a bar of French Milled Savon de Marseille soap to wrap neatly in brown paper. Next, tie a single strand of pink and white striped bakers twine around each wrapped soap. Finish your mini ensembles by slipping wispy sprigs of dried lavender between the string and soap to keep it in place. Display your gorgeous gifts in a decorative, vintage suitcase, and arrange any extra lavender stems in a cluster next to the trunk.
    Photo from Deer Pearl Flowers
    Top 10 Bridal Shower Favor Ideas
  • Corked Candle

    This bridal shower favor is perfect if you and your girls plan on spending the night in with plenty of wine and gossip. Compliment your wine-themed party with cork-covered candles. For this DIY decoration, start by securing white votive candles in clear glass votive holders. Next, use hot glue to attach stamped wine corks to the outside of each votive holder, creating a ring around the candle. Complete these creative candles by tying white satin ribbon around the corks, and finishing them in crisp bows.
    Photo from Positive Circle
    Top 10 Bridal Shower Favor Ideas
  • Savory Succulents

    What better way to commemorate your special day with the girls than with tiny, green gifts? This cheerful bridal shower favor will spruce up your party with green flourishes and provide your guests with a fun decoration to take home. For these ornaments, use tiny glass bottles as your succulent holders. Partially fill the bottles with sand and preserved reindeer moss to give it some earthy texture and color. Next, cut sprigs from artificial succulent sprays and arrange them in the bottles, along with vivid echeveria succulent picks. Scatter these luscious decorations down the middle of your brunch table or on your mimosa bar.
    Photo from Bridal Musings
    Top 10 Bridal Shower Favor Ideas
  • Popping Presentation

    Give your friends a clever gift to enjoy at a later time. This simple bridal shower gift is sure to warm the hearts of your party guests. For this tasty favor, fill wide mouth pint mason jars with yellow popcorn kernels. Next, cut large circles out of fabric to place over the jar lids. Write the phrase, “Thanks for popping by” on wood heart tags to be attached to your gifts. Wrap hemp cord around the fabric over the lids, and slip the tags on before tying the string into cute, little, bows.
    Photo from Brit.co
    Top 10 Bridal Shower Favor Ideas
  • Spa in a Jar

    Gift your favorite ladies with the ultimate luxury – a capsule spa! This bridal shower favor idea can be utilized during your glamping-themed party, or can be given to your guests to use in the future. For this chic gift, select items that can be used for a lovely spa day at home, such as nail polish and remover, cotton pads, a nail file, sugar scrubs, and homemade masks. Arrange all of your items in large mason jars and use a white chalkboard marker to write your guests’ names on each container. Top off your spa capsules by hot gluing a flower to the lid of each jar, giving them a glamorous finish.
    Photo from Huffington Post
    Top 10 Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

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