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October 07, 2021 2 min read

Even if you love your job and work from home, careers can get stressful. If the stress never seems to fade away, it’s more likely coming from your environment than your to-do list. Your home office should promote your productivity as much as it harnesses your greatest interests. This guide explains how to organize your office and improve your creativity to get more joy from your dedicated workspace.

1. Schedule Cleaning Blocks

You may not have time to deep clean your home office. Otherwise, you would have already done it. Instead of looking at it like a one-time project, schedule cleaning blocks throughout your week. Every time you take dirty dishes to the kitchen or wipe your desk clean, you’ll remove clutter and improve the cognitive abilities that help you during work and when you want to indulge your creative side. There won’t be any visual distractions to frustrate you.

2. Play With Colors

Boring white walls could dull your mind when it’s time to write a short story or paint after work. Playing with the colors in your office will improve your creativity if you know which colors help your mind. Repaint the room yellow to stimulate creativity and feel happier or organize your bookshelves by color.

Seeing bigger blocks of happy colors will jumpstart your brain even after a long day at work. Use your favorite shades and scientifically proven hues to make your office more inviting and a better place to hang out after a long workday.

3. Rethink Your Space

If you spend all day stressing out in the same chair, it will be challenging for your brain to feel loose and creative without changing scenery. After cleaning your office to create more room, dedicate part of it as your new creative workspace. A comfortable knitting chair or a portable lap desk for drawing will free your mind because you’ll use part of your office for a different purpose.

4. Remove Negative Memories

Embracing your creative urges means letting go of self-doubt and negativity. It’s impossible to do that if your office contains objects that make you think about negative memories. Remove anything that makes you uncomfortable, like knickknacks from an ex or pictures from a bad time in your life. When you’re at ease, any hobby will come more naturally in your home office.

5. Emphasize Natural Lighting

The pile of laundry sitting in front of your office window blocks natural lighting. Letting more sunshine into your home will improve your mental health by reducing the anxiety that keeps you from your creative hobbies. Open the curtains and clean your windows to bask in outdoor lighting during the day. You’ll have less stress keeping you from your hobbies when it’s time to clock out of work.

Improve Your Creativity by Organizing

Organizing isn’t always about arranging things in alphabetical order. If you want to organize your office and improve your creativity, start with these simple tips. Filling your workspace with light, positive colors and dedicating a space to your favorite activities will jumpstart your creative mind no matter what your schedule holds for you.