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DIY Make a  Basket of Light  with Pinecones - Click to enlargeDIY Make a Basket of Light with Pinecones
DIY Make a  Basket of Light  with Pinecones

How to make a Basket of Light
Holiday Projects

A Basket of Light filled with pinecones. This is a quick project that you will enjoy making. 


1. Fill half the basket with pine cones

2. Place your LED string lights in the basket.  Be sure to put the plugged end over the back of the basket so that you don't loose track of it later. 

3. Add more pine cones (pulling sections of your lights upward so that you don't cover them all with cones)

4. Add pine sprays to the basket.  Using them to camouflage the strings from the lights. 

5. Add your ribbon bow. 


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