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Panacea Products White Stem Wrap Floral Tape-60 ft

UPC: 0009343260037 09343260037
Price 2.99, 6 for 6.00Retail 3.99
(Save 25%)

Panacea Products White Stem Wrap Floral Tape-60 ft

The White Floral stem wrap tape is perfect for wrapping light or preserved flower stems for wedding bouquets or centerpiece displays. This tape is durable and stretchy, and sticks to itself without adhering to your fingers. This tape is the best way to arrange bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and branches. As the tape is stretched, the adhesive material is activated. It is .5” wide and 60’ long. It has little adhesive, and is mainly used for wrapping stems.

2.99, 6 for 6.003.99
(Save 25%)

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