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Feather Wings White Ostrich & Goose Feathers

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Feather Wings White Ostrich & Goose Feathers

Handmade wings . White Feather Wings Deluxe Ostrich & Goose Feathers $80 (18" tall x 22" wide) Beautiful handcrafted feather angel wings made by the same people who make Victoria Secret's angel wings. These 18" x 22" wings are made with goose and deluxe curly ostrich feathers. Feathers on front and back. Ostrich feathers on the back of the wing also. They have very comfortable cotton elastic tie straps and can be worn by children or adults. These Angel wings have been made with love Each wing is feathered by hand with selected feathers one by one. The wings are all made here in the California. Feathers used are Top Quality Goose or Turkey (a by product from birds used for food, No birds were killed for their feathers). We use the finest materials available to construct the frames out of plastic mesh sandwiched between 2ply Buckram with a bendable wire core. If you wish to give more of an angle to your wings (they can be bent further toward the back). Custom Feather Wings designed by the same people who make Victoria Secrets's wings. Handcrafted in California.

(Save 33%)

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