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DIY: How to make a Wedding Bouquet - Casual Clusters

DIY: How to make a Wedding Bouquet - Casual Clusters

From 101 Wedding Bouquets by Florist Review

Hand-tied Spring

Casual clusters

Small blossoms are more impacting when arranged in clusters

This charming lavender mix, excellent for almost any style of springtime event, comprises roses, Saponaria, Nigella , waxflower and more. The hand-gathered design, given a slightly untamed appearance by the Nigella, has a casual, carefree feel but the pretty Dior-style bow embellishes the bouquet for evening or formal affairs. Greatest impact is achieved by clustering the small-blossomed materials, such as the wax flower and Saponaria, into bunches and adding them t the design, which is bound with waterproof tape. Ribbon, held in place by corsage pins, conceals the tape. The wide Dior-style bow finishes the creation with flair.

1. Remove foliage from the lower ends of the stems. Group the smaller materials into bunches and add the bunches into the design.
2. Bind the hand-tied gathering with waterproof tape. Conceal the tape with a band of satin ribbon. Secure the ribbon with corsage pins.
3. Tie a flat, Dior-style bow. Bind the bow with a chenille stem and add the center knot. Attach the bow to a wood pick and insert the bow.