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Centerpieces Inspiration - Wedding Reception

Centerpieces Inspiration - Wedding Reception

Centerpieces Inspiration - Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas Your centerpieces set the theme for the room. Add lighting , mirrors, water dyes,
vase filler to your centerpieces to create the mood want to achieve. The largest
centerpiece should be seen at the entrance to the reception room . Smaller
versions of this one should be on each table. What you need: Different size and shaped glass vases.
What you need: Tall martini glass vases and colorful vase filler. What you need: glass orbs for hanging. Can hold candles also. What you need: Birch sheets and birch bark you can cut to size and insert into square clear vases.
What you need: first photo Manzanita branches (spray paint them white) , fresh or preserved orchids , stones
(to weight down the vase), and hanging candle holders. second photo tall glass fluted vase and feathers.
What you need: Tall martini glass vases , glass pearls and floating candles.
What you need: Ghost wood branches. See all the natural branches.
What you need: Midollino sticks
What you need: Midollino sticks
What you need: Water holding pearls and an under vase light.
What you need : The agora vase stand and vials
What you need: Large mirror vase or large rectangle mirror vase.
What you need: Diamond mesh wrap and candles
What you need: Instant Artificial Snow , pinecones, berries, natural branches, moss, twig balls and vases
What you need: Solstice Frosted Glass Candle Holders. See the 7" size . See the 1.5" acrylic diamonds , 2" clear diamonds
What you need: Bias Bowl Vases. 9", 7", 12". And two colors of water pearls. A natural flower to float or see the silk and natural touch floating flowers
What you need: 47 inch long and 24 inch long thick glass vase . Bottom of vases can be filled with sand or glass vase fillers. Note acrylic vase fillers will float.
What you need: Calla cones add color to arrangements. They are made from wood. Also see the reindeer moss which comes in different colors including turquoise, orange , sienna brown, sienna brown red , light green , peach , natural , dark green and black .
What you need: 10-12" wood stump (natural wood)
What you need: Crystal hangers to place around the rim of your vases.
Photo from Inspired by this

What you need: 5" , 7.5" or the 10" studio glass vases.
photo from style me pretty

What you need: 41" or the 24" thick glass long vase. Cherry blossoms . Note you will have to wire
clippers on the cherry blossom branch to make several smaller branches for the arrangement. Fill with dirt.

Use the Ella stand for flowers or candles. vases vasgemmarsto floralytes4 vaselights1 flsudi branches2 li3

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