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Clear Water Pearls 150ml

UPC: 0084230601538 84230601538
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Clear Water Pearls 150ml

Clear Water Pearls are water holding vase gems. This is for 5.2 ounces of pearls which can make 5 gallons. And they are re-usable. The pearls are made with a non-toxic polymer. Just one teaspoon fills a 12" x 4" vase. You let them sit in water 2-4 hours to expand. There are over 30 teaspoons in per bottle. They expand up to 400 times so just use 2.5 teaspoons to one litre water.Add more or less water to get the ‘look’ you want. Warm water will speed up the process and make the pearls larger. Please please please....Do not dispose of in your drain. The crystals can be composted in your garden easily. They will hold water in your plants so you do not to water as often. But not in the drain.

(Save 30%)

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