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Flower Petals Violet Peony Petals Freeze-dried (5 cups/pkg)

UPC: 0040099902629 40099902629
Price $7.50, 3/$21.00Retail $21.00
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Flower Petals Violet Peony Petals Freeze-dried (5 cups/pkg)

Quality Freeze Dried Peony Petals at Discount Prices Freeze Dried Violet Peony Petals Blend (5 cups/pkg) $7.50 pkg/ 3 for $7 pkg 35-40 petals per cup
5 cup per pkg
soft peony petals
will last forever
do not store in refrigerator
do not store in direct sunlight
superior quality. Regular price $21 / $4.20 cup This is an excellent blend of freeze-dried soft peony petals to use for wedding aisle decoration and tosses. The "average" number of petals per cup is 35-40. We recommend 1/2 cup per toss and 1 to 3 cups per table as accent. To create an aisle with petals on the edges, assume 24 cups for a 20 foot path; for heavier coverage use 2 to 3 cups per foot. Photo by Timothy Teague Photography. Sherwood Country Club, Thousand Oaks - from Ceremony Magazine. Aisle, Path, Tabletop or Bed (To make a heart on a bed for a honeymoon suite) : 1 cup per square foot for light coverage. 1.5 cups per square foot for light plus coverage. 2 cups per square foot for moderate coverage. 3 cups per square foot for heavy coverage creating a "blanket" of rose petals. Flower Girl Baskets: 4-6 cups per girl Wedding Toss: 1/2 cup per guest if using cones or sachets. Wedding Toss: 1 cup per guest if using a basket for guest to help themselves. To decorate tables you will need from 1 to 3 cups per table. Reception tables: 5-6 cups per 60" round table For light scattering around just the center of the table use 3 cups or so. Path & Bath: 20-60 cups to create a path of rose petals to a candle filled bathroom and to float rose petals in the bath. Romantic Evening: 20-60 cups depending on the bed size & the coverage you are looking for...light to complete! Beautiful premium quality freeze dried peony petals that look fresh! 100% natural They will not wilt or stain under normal conditions. They are not slippery in normal conditions. And are completely biodegradable. The beauty of fresh rose petals & none of the problems! They can last for years, not just hours. You can soften your peony petals if you choose by placing the open container into a steamy bathroom for 20-30 minutes. You can do this several days or several hours before ...whichever you prefer. PLEASE DO NOT REFRIGERATE OR FREEZE Click here to see what a cup and 5 cups looks like.

$7.50, 3/$21.00$21.00
(Save 64%)

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