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Vase Lights 80 LED 10 in. Mulit Color Programmable

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Vase Lights 80 LED 10 in. Mulit Color Programmable

Vase lighting with 80 Multicolor LEDS Vase Illuminator (10") (programmable for any color, color combination including white LED light Just arrived: Has 20 LED lights of each color red, blue, green & white. 80 LED lights total. Automatic color changes or set on a color. Uses 8 AA batteries. Measures 10"diameter. White plastic casing with clear plastic cover. Measures 1" tall. Has four color cycles: W, RGB, RG, and RB. Has an On/off button. You can select any color cycle you want. Or set to one color. Also allows you to program brightness. Requires 8 AA batteries- Batteries not included. Can also use 6V DC adapter ALSO SEE:
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