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Graphite Transfer Paper 12 x 24 Size

UPC: 0004630801095 04630801095
Price $3.99, 3/$5.97Retail $6.00
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Graphite Transfer Paper 12 x 24 Size

Stencils for table numbers Graphite Transfer Paper 12 x 24 Size $3.99 pkg/ 3 pkgs $1.99 pkg Transfer your favorite patterns easily. To use, place pattern on surface and tape in place. Slip transfer paper (coated side down) between pattern and surface. Use a No. 2 pencil to trace pattern elements. 12"x 24" Graphite Just choose the pattern or design you want to transfer to the wood. Position your graphite paper on the wood -tape the paper to the wood. (Ensure that the darker side of the graphite transfer paper is facing down) And trace over the design. Then use the wood burner tool. Reg. price $6

$3.99, 3/$5.97$6.00
(Save 34%)

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