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Tea Bags 4x5 (100 bags) Large Heat Sealable

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UPC: 0040099902362 40099902362
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Tea Bags 4x5 (100 bags) Large Heat Sealable

Sealable Teabags 4x5 oxygen whitened 100 bags for $12 Oxygen whitened (oxygen whitened with no bleach or other chemical residues) No bleaching agents or formaldehyde used in the processing of this product. Paper tea bags with natural sealant (no chemicals or adhesives used). sealed on 3 sides, the 4th side is left open which allows you to put your contents into the bag. Once bag is filled, seal the 4th side with a hot iron. Let cool a few seconds and place in storage container for later use. Also available in 2.5" square Regular price $21/100 Heat sealable tea bags are often used for tub teas or drinking teas, but they are versatile enough to be used for samples, sachets, spices, bath salts, potpourri and so much more. Perfect for a "mess-free" infusion in your simmering pot & bath tub! Directions/Instructions: Simply fill with desired product & seal with a household iron or heat sealing machine. Items may expand when wet, so overfilling is not recommended. Make you own tub teas. See the recipes. Bath with chamomile, lavender or roses, peppermint and chamomile. Nurture your spirit and infuse your bath with any herb you want. Two ways to use them for your bath. Place in your bath or let two bags steep outside the bath and then pour into your bath. Other uses: These are great for making your own herbal tea blends, holding simmering potpourri and use when making dream pillows (see how to make them). Each bag measures 4" x 5". 100 bags per pack. Made in USA.

(Save 43%)

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