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Superhero Starter Kit with cape (Ages 4+)

UPC: 0073076742480 73076742480
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Superhero Starter Kit with cape (Ages 4+)

The Superhero Starter Kit (Chicken Socks) by Klutz. Leaping tall buildings, racing speeding trains, bending steel in your bare hands – easy, right? If your parents are from Krypton, maybe. But where do ordinary earth kids get their feet off the ground? The Superhero Starter Kit holds all the basics needed to launch little heroes. First, there’s the durable, Velcro®-strapped and oh-so-shiny Red Cape – that alone sets the mood for brave behavior. We also provide masks, wrist shields, and 3 pages of snazzy stickers so kids can accessorize their newly super selves. Plus you’ll find a ton of heroic advice. For example: Never tuck your cape into your underwear. A simple little book that may one day save the planet – just in the nick of time.

(Save 35%)

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