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Glass Vase Gems Sky Blue Flat Back  17mm (18 lbs)

UPC: 0009343270039 09343270039
Price $22.50Retail $49.00
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Glass Vase Gems Sky Blue Flat Back 17mm (18 lbs)

18 lbs of Sky Blue Glass Vase Gems 17mm or 11/16"(960 pcs). Place in vase to help hold stems in place. Adds beauty and weight to your arrangements. Versatile and reusable, decorator gems and marbles create personal style and taste when used with candles, glassware, plants and aquatic gardens.

(Save 54%)

Customer Reviews


Great buy, but shipping is excessive

(3 Star) Alex
I ordered these for DIY centerpieces for my wedding. I looked all over for the right color blue, and this is the only place (online or in stores) that I could find the right color for a reasonable price. The color in the picture is true to life, and the price for the gems themselves was good. They also came in quickly, which was nice. However, I had a few complaints. First of all, they are only offered in 18 lb. bags. I needed 44 lbs, which meant that I had to order 3 and pay for 10 lbs I didn't need. What was frustrating about that was that when they came in, they were individually packaged in 3/4 lb. bags, so I easily could have only ordered and paid for the amount I needed. It just felt like a ripoff. The biggest issue was the cost of shipping. The shipping was $74, which was actually more than the gems themselves. I know they're heavy and expensive to ship, but I would think that a company whose entire premise is based on selling craft materials at a low cost would have contracted with a shipping company or figured something out to lower shipping costs. It once again just made me feel like they were using any means possible to squeeze more money out of me without it looking like an expensive product. Overall, I am happy with the product I received, these are just a few things that made it a less positive experience.

Color, price, quality, speed of delivery


Quantity per bag, shipping cost

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