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DIY: How to Make and Decorate Petal Cones

DIY: How to Make and Decorate Petal Cones

How to decorate paper cones with paper hydrangea blooms.

Easily Decorate your seeded paper cones with paper hydrangeas.
Fill with fresh or freeze -dried rose petals.



1. Use scissors to cut off the wired hydrangea blooms from the flower. Be sure to cut them with the wire attached. You will use the wire to attach them to the cones. Set aside. 2. They are easy to assemble. You will find a set of mounting squares commonly used for holding photos in scrapbooks. Just pull opposite corners together to form your cone. Roll your 6x6 paper so that you have the closure in the front. Fold on the line and attach. 3. Hold the two paper ends in front of you and place the punch so that it goes through both sheets of paper. This is what it should look like.

2. Take one of the paper hydrangea flowers and pull the wire through the holes.

4. When you pull the wire up through the hole wrap it around the flower itself .

5. Optional -Place a message inside printed on vellum.

Variations- Use real pressed flower and leaf stickers to decorate your cones. Trim the top of the cone with paper edger scissors or a pinking shears to make decorative edging. Use a 1/4" or a 3/8" circle paper punch to put a hole on the back of the cone. Use ribbon< to attach a tag or to make a ribbon handle. Fill a basket with them and have your flower girl pass them out.
Photo by Theorie from Ceremony Magazine After you have made your cones punch a hole in each side and thread a ribbon through it. If it is an outdoor wedding you can place one on each chair. See the baskets