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Wood Scrabble Alphabet Tiles 3/4" (60 pieces)

UPC: 0040099905261 40099905261
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Wood Scrabble Alphabet Tiles 3/4" (60 pieces)

3/4" Wood Alphabet Tiles (60 pieces). These Scrabble-like blocks are 3/4" square x 1/8" thick and made of varnished wood. Letter appears on one side only. Made in USA. These tiles just show letters, not numbers in the corner. each package has a-4, b-2, c-2, d-2, e-4, f-2, g-2, h-2, i-2, j-2, k-2, l-2, m-3, n-3, n-3, o-3, p-2, q-2, r-3, s-3, t-3, u-2, v-2, w-2, x-1, y-2 and z-1.

  • These tiles only feature letters and do not have numbers on them

(Save 20%)

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