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How to make Tissue Paper Rose Centerpieces

How to make Tissue Paper Rose Centerpieces

Tissue Paper Rose Centerpiece
Designed by: Kathleen George

Typical Project Completion Time: 4 hours

Materials Needed

STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam:
Cones: 24" x 6"; 21" x 5"

Other Materials:
Brightly colored tissue paper, several large sheets of each desired color
White chenille stems, 12" long, 29
Optional: Rotary cutter, cutting mat and metal ruler
Low-temp glue gun and glue sticks

Note: Each tissue paper rose requires four squares of tissue paper, either one color or a mix of colors. For two cones, you will need a total of 56 six-inch tissue squares and 288 five-inch tissue squares. To save time, stack several layers of tissue paper and use rotary cutter to cut multiple strips of desired width, 5" or 6". Combine strips into stacks and cut multiple squares at a time. Keep squares separated by size.

1. Cut chenille stems into 4" lengths.

2. To make one rose, stack four 6" tissue squares. Fan-fold tissue stack into approximately 1"-wide folds. Use scissors to round off each end of folded stack to form petals.
3. Fold one 4" chenille stem in half and slip over center of folded tissue squares; tightly twist ends together at bottom to secure. Use scissors to trim excess wire.
4. Spread folded tissue out in a fan-shape on each side of chenille stem. Gently separate tissue layers with fingers, then pull up petals and arrange as desired. Bring two center petals together and slightly crush to ensure chenille stem is covered.
5. Repeat Steps 2 - 4 to create a total of 14 large roses (6" squares) and 72 medium roses (5" squares). Be sure to gently separate tissue layers of each flower before fluffing petals.Glue ribbon ends together to create hanging loop; glue ends to top center back of wreath.
6. Use glue gun to secure a row of large roses side by side around base of each foam cone; foam should be completely covered without crushing roses together. Glue medium roses to cone in rows to completely cover surface; glue a rose to each cone tip.
7. Place any remaining roses on table around base of cones.

Styrofoam Cone 24in
Styrofoam Cone 24in
(Save 36%)
Styrofoam Cone 18in
Styrofoam Cone 18in
(Save 14%)