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Rene's Bouquets For Brides (Hardcover 1st Edition)

Rene's Bouquets For Brides (Hardcover 1st Edition) $48

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Rene's Bouquets For Brides (Hardcover 1st Edition)

Rene's Bouquets For Brides (Hardcover 1st Edition) $48 by Rene van Rems This must have "selection sales tool" addresses the major modeled bridal gown styles, showcasing which flowers and bouquet styles will offset the fashion best. Exquisite photos of brand new haute couture, true fashion-forward bridal bouquets in a large 12" X 12" format, 156 full color coffee table resource guide book. photo shows an all-gardenia bouquet A beautiful coffee table book that will also inspire & instruct you. 25 chapters of stunning large format photos and detailed close up images as well as selected "how-to" visuals showcase the bouquet styles from yesterday and today, all with a new twist.Dutch born, California resident designer, presenter, Rene van Rems, AIFD has just finished his second book, "Rene's Bouquets For Brides" photo shows how to prepare gardenias for the bouquet This book is for brides, designers, bridal consultants, special event designers and others who want to be unique and different, yet in real-time taste and style. An essential resource for floral designers, educators and brides-to-be. photo shows Nautilus Shell Bouquet. Using a Nautilus Shell as a Bouquet Holder. A. Start with a clean, pearlized nautilus . Place floral adhesive on the inner edge of the shell and allow it to set up for three minutes to become tacky. Don't overuse glue. B. Pre-cut and shape a piece of wet floral foam and place it in the shell firmly. C. Once the adhesive and foam have adhered, shape the crown of the foam to the right size. D. When the piece of foam is cut correctly, it will require few insertions for complete coverage. Since the shell is small, make sure the flower are to scale. A magnificent composite rose bouquet. Rene shows you how to make a Composite Rose.
Rosa Compuesta, Paso a Paso. Text is in Spanish & English. Este libro contiene texto Español y Ingles. 136 full color pages, 12 x 9 oversize paperback All photos are copyright Rene van Rems International

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