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Natural Touch Flowers Orchids White Phaleanopsis Orchids

UPC: 0082401801835 82401801835
Price $12.00, 3/$33.00Retail $20.99
(Save 43%)

Natural Touch Flowers Orchids White Phaleanopsis Orchids

Beautiful Real Touch Flowers. Real Touch Orchids White & Pink Phaleanopsis Orchid $12 each / 3 for $11 each Regular price $20.99 each Measures 38" tall. Flower sizes ranging from 3- 4" wide. Superior quality. Fade-resistant and water resistant (not waterproof). Real touch, natural touch white Phalaepnosis orchid flowers
5 open orchid flowers and 3 buds Made with a state of the art like material that has more authentic feel and look than traditional artificial flowers. This material has excellent elasticity and flexibility and carries great color graduations. The photo above shows orchid with silk leaves (sold separately.

$12.00, 3/$33.00$20.99
(Save 43%)

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