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DIY: Pyramid Gift Box from Playing with Books

DIY: Pyramid Gift Box from Playing with Books

Pyramid Gift Box from Playing with Books, The Art of Upcycling, Deconstructing, & Reimagining the Book by Jason Thompson
  triangle box  
Present this book page-covered gift box as a housewarming or holiday gift. The sides of the pyramid can be covered with paper pages for specific occasions: for example, use interior-design book pages for a housewarming present or cookbook pages for a dinner party.

book pages
artist tape
PVA glue
hole punch
decorative ribbon
materials measure and cut
Isosceles triangles, which have two equal sides, are used to create this box. The length and width of the triangles can vary, as long as they remain symmetrical and the length of the shortest sides matches the length of the base. The chipboard triangles can be covered with book pages before assembly; in this example they are wrapped with musical sheets.


Create the base by cutting chipboard to an exact square. Any size will do, as long as it is perfectly square. The pyramid in the example has 3" x 3" (7.6 x 7.6 cm) base. Create the triangular sides by cutting chipboard into four identical triangles. The bottom of each triangle must be cut to the the same size as the base-in this example, 3" (7.6cm). TIP: Cut the first triangular piece and use it as your template for the other three sides.

Attach the first triangular piece by hinging it onto the base using artist tape. Trim off any extra tape, if necessary. Once the four triangles have been attached, stand them together to form the pyramid. The four side should meet and stand on their own. Next, cover the chipboard material with book pages using PVA glue. Press flat beneath a stack of heavy books and allow to dry before moving to step three.

Punch a hole into the top of each triangle with a hole punch. Thread a 12" (30.5 cm) length of decorative ribbon through the four holes. Lace the ribbon into the first hole, out through the second, and repeat for the third and fourth holes. Pull tight and create a loop on the trailing end of the ribbon. This ribbon will hold the pyramid closed, allowing items to be safely placed and transported inside the pyramid box.

Create pyramid gift boxes using book covers for the base material, in place of the chipboard, or for the decorative panels. Pyramid boxes also make beautiful ornaments.



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