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Pine Cones

  • Birch Bark Shavings 8 ounce pkg
  • Pine Cones Lavender | 3 quarts
  • Ponderosa Pine Cones (11-12 cones/ pkg)
  • Curly Pods 5in (Pack of 5)
  • Cedar Roses
  • Birch Bark Shavings 8 ounce pkg
  • Deco Balls Natural Assortment 4in (Set of 8)
  • Pearl Glitter 1lb.
  • German Glass Glitter 1lb
  • German Glass Glitter Silver 1 lb. bag
  • German Glass Glitter Gold 1 lb. bag

    Pine cones in a variety of shapes and sizes at discount prices. Our largest specie of pine cone is the giant sugar pine cone, which comes from the Sugar Pine of the northwest region of the United States. Sugar pine cones range in length from 9-16", and make a striking seasonal decoration for a hearth or front porch when stacked in crates or baskets. Our smallest species of pine cones are hemlock pine cones, which are excellent pine cones for crafting or for use as vase filler. The Hemlock Pine Cones range in length from .5-1".