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Ostrich Spad Feathers 18-24in (1/4 lb)

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Ostrich Spad Feathers 18-24in (1/4 lb)

Our second quality Ostrich Spads are a popular and cost effective choice for centerpieces. Often, designers mix these value priced ostrich feathers known as spads with first quality plumes to keep costs down and to hide the flaws of the #2 quality feathers. Our Ostrich Spad Feathers are also popular with accessory designers who strip the fibers from the quill for earrings, fascinators, and costuming items. Softly embellish your decorations or get creative with costuming with these white ostrich spads.

  • Each order comes with approximately 30 feathers per quarter pound
  • The feathers measure 18-24" long
  • Body ostrich feathers that have been dyed white
  • Feathers have been fumigated, washed, and rinsed
  • As second quality plumes, feathers will all have slight to moderate imperfections
  • Spads taper to a point and have soft hair-like feathers coming out from a stiff center quill

(Save 20%)

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