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Mitsumata Branches Bleached 48in (Set of 3)

UPC: 0001297924876 01297924876
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Mitsumata Branches Bleached 48in (Set of 3)

For a striking yet flexible accent, use the bleached mitsumata branches. They come as a set of 3 branches each measuring 48". These mulberry branches from Japan are soft and pliable with wet and easy to sculpt and shape. All the bark has been removed then bleached, leaving a smooth finish. The longer you soak them in water the more you can shape them. Photo by Shannon Welsey Photography -Floral Design By Artisan Event Floral Decor, LLC
Photo from Ceremony Magazine
See how to make a Mitsumata centerpiece

  • To re-shape branches. let them soak in water for 5-10 minutes. The longer it soaks (up to one hour) the more pliable it becomes.

(Save 36%)

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