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Mira Vase 5.5in

Mira Vase 5.5in
UPC: 0005531934443 05531934443
Price 15.00, 6 for 78.00Retail 26.00
(Save 42%)

Mira Vase 5.5in

Use this sturdy footed container to support large floral bouquets or arrangements. The mouth bells out to a shelf, which holds up any overflowing blossoms, bulbs, or leaves. With its slender belly and outward-curving neck and mouth, the Clear Glass Mira Vase allows its contents to exuberantly burst up and out. This glass vase measures 5.5” tall and 6” wide, with a base measuring 5.125” in diameter.

15.00, 6 for 78.0026.00
(Save 42%)
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