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Manzanita Branches  | Sanded Sierra Natural Manzanita 18-26in

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Manzanita Branches  | Sanded Sierra Natural Manzanita 18-26in

These incredibly unique Manzanita branches create awe-inspiring, rugged displays. Each upward reaching limb is hand gathered in the Sierra Madre Mountain Range in California, and sanded to accentuate its swirl-patterned wood. Place the Manzanita Branches in a large, colorful jar or pot, and bring the pristine ambience of an untouched mountain wood into your home. Each branch measures between 18-26” long, 16-17” wide, and 6-8” deep. The trunk is 1.25” thick. The branches are untreated and safe for aquariums and terrariums.

(Save 63%)

Customer Reviews

San Diego

Looks great in my tank

(5 Star) Ray
The branch I got for my aquarium was fantastic. It added the natural habitat look I was going for and it is doing great submerged in the tank. I wish I had ordered more! The pieces I got we all well sanded down (or sandblasted) well, and it leaks barely any tannins at all into the water. Manzanita branches at local shops go for so much more, it was nice to find a seller with a good price and great product.

Loved it all.

(5 Star) nancy
Everything I was looking for was at one website. She was prompt and seems like the arrival took little time. Everything was pristinely wrapped and spotless. Im watching one big item. To top things off the prices were on sale and fairly priced.


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