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DIY:Lori's Cup Cake Tree Design

DIY:Lori's Cup Cake Tree Design

Cupcakes don’t grow on trees Neither does money, so I decided to do the d.i.y. route (to a certain degree) with my cupcake tower/tree. Plus, it’s recyclable. But you can definitely build yours out of things like styrofoam cake forms and stuff, if that’s your cup of tea. To decorate it, I ordered these large sheets of wrapping paper with maps of Italy on them. Since the Mr. is Italian, so I thought this would be a great little way to celebrate his heritage. So here’s how to do it: I took the rounds for each tier, traced, cut, and glued the paper onto them.


step one

I then painted the little “lifts” for each level black, since it would fade into the background.

painting the cupcake tree pieces

Next I glued a cord trim around each round tier. Then I glued black velvet ribbon to each tier lift that was facing outward (to cover the corrugated cardboard ugliness).

gluing the trim on the edges

almost done gluing

And here’s the finished product:


Closeup of top tier

close up

Total time: 1 hour. Total cost: +/- $60 So don’t buy or rent your cupcake tree - make yourself a pretty, personalized one!

Here is a decorated cupcake tower from Kristina!

Kristina's cupcake tower