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LED Branches 60in

UPC: 0040099901733 40099901733
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LED Branches 60in

60" LED Branches are easy to bend to light a variety of displays.
Note: Need to also get the BPP-331 battery pack ($6.99) which is sold separately which lights up to 3 branches.
If wires are no problem and the display is near an electrical outlet see the power adapter to light branches. This way you will not need batteries - just plug it in. Also available in 36" size and 48" size The 60" lighted branch has 7 LED lights and is the longest branch in the image. The branches are powered by a battery pack that is sold separately. It will power up to 3 of the branches at one time on 3 AA batteries. It has an on off button and a button if you want them to blink. The branches are beautifully crafted with handwrapped stems that are bendable into any shape you need. Use to light your wedding cake, ice sculptures, create unique centerpieces. The 60" branch is the longest one in image above. You can insert any number of the branches into your arrangements and bend them into shapes and designs as desired. The battery pack (sold separately) measures 3" x 1-3/4"x 3/4" and has a clip on the back. Takes 3 AA batteries. Easily attach up to three branches to each of the three wires in the battery pack (sold separately). Each branch has 7 tiny super bright led lights on it.

(Save 56%)

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