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12 Libbey 10" Tempo Square Dinner Plate

12 Libbey 10" Tempo Square Dinner PlatePhoto above shows the plate painted on the back side.
UPC: 0007891794708 07891794708
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12 Libbey 10" Tempo Square Dinner Plate

The Libbey 1794708 Tempo 10" square dinner plate is the new modern look in dinnerware. Popular for appetizers, tapas, salads, entrees, and desserts, this plate is an ideal fit for bistros and eclectic, fusion-themed restaurants. Versatile enough to fit a number of tastes and selections, the crystal-clear design provides the perfect backdrop for your most unique dishes. Featuring a straight-sided square design, you can add variety to your dinnerware collection and inspire creative food presentations. Made of solid glass, this plate is microwave safe so you can conveniently reheat appetizers or entrees. In addition, this plate can be used to design festive centerpieces for your catered event or banquet hall. Paired with votive candles and flowers, this plate is transformed into a dazzling display to add a festive atmosphere in any setting.

(Save 38%)

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