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LED Color Changing Rainbow Raindrop

LED Color Changing Rainbow Raindrop
UPC: 0060771616722 60771616722
Price 6.59, 12 for 72.00Retail 11.00
(Save 40%)

LED Color Changing Rainbow Raindrop

For a whimsical light at a nighttime event, use the LED color changing rainbow raindrop. Each one is 6-3/4" tall and 2-3/4" wide. They can stand upright, be floated in water, or hung upside down. The LED light runs through the entire spectrum of colors and can be stopped at any color with the press of a button. The Rainbow Raindrops take 3 AAA batteries, sold separately. There are five color-changing modes: red/blue, red/green, green/blue, red/blue/green, and white. When you first receive the product, you will have to unscrew the top and remove the O ring seal to start it for the first time.

6.59, 12 for 72.0011.00
(Save 40%)

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