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Lavender 1 lb. Premium Grade  Flowers Natural

UPC: 0040099900522 40099900522
Price $13.00, 2/$24.00Retail $30.00
(Save 57%)

Lavender 1 lb. Premium Grade Flowers Natural

Premium Grade Fragrant Dried Lavender. This is premium grade lavender. Not just a great fragrance. Higher quality dried lavender means it will have more flowers and buds (less stems) and brighter color. Wonderfully fragrant.
Wedding Favor Bag Information: A 1 lb bag of lavender holds 13.5 cups. One cup of lavender will fill (8) eight 3x4 organza bags if you use 1/8 cup per sachet.

$13.00, 2/$24.00$30.00
(Save 57%)

Customer Reviews

Lisa Ballard


(5 Star) Lisa Ballard
We just use this at my daughter wedding and everyone was talking about how much they loved the smell. I but it in cones with dried lilac on top. The Lilac cost more so I but 1/4 cup lavender on the bottom of the cone then covered it with the lilac just because we liked the look of the lilac. But you could just use the Lavender by itself and it would be fine. I would use this again. The guest loved showering the bride and groom with it as they were leaving.

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