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The Language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers

All flowers have a meaning. The Victorians used to use flowers as a symbol to express their feelings. Here is a list of different flowers and their meanings.



AMARYLLIS - Pride; Timidity; Splendid Beauty; I am proud of you;

ANTHURIUM, White - Think of me

AZALEA - Take Care of Yourself for Me; Temperance; Fragile Passion; Chinese Symbol of  Womanhood



BACHELOR BUTTON - Celibacy, Single blessedness




BLUEBELL - Humility; Constancy



CARNATION, Fascination

CARNATION, Pink - I'll Never Forget You

CARNATION, Purple - Capriciousness

CARNATION, Red - My Heart Aches for You; Admiration; Respect

CARNATION, White - Sweet and Lovely; Innocence; Pure Love

CHRYSANTHEMUM You're a Wonderful Friend; Cheerfulness and Rest



CHRYSANTHEMUM, Yellow - Slighted Love

CYCLAMEN - Resignation; Don't lose faith in me and Goodbye



DAFFODIL - Regard; Unrequited Love

DAFFODIL NARCISSUS - You are an angel

DAHLIA - Fickleness

DAISY Gerbera, You are the sunshine of my life

DAISY - Innocence; Loyal Love

DAISY, Red - Joy

DAISY, White - Innocence; truth

DAISY, Yellow - I will try hard to earn your love

DANDELION - Faithfulness; Happiness




FERN - Magic; Fascination; Confidence and Shelter

FERN, Maidenhair - Secret Bond of Love

FIR - Time

FORGET-ME-NOT - True Love; Memories

FORSYTHIA - Anticipation



GARDENIA - You're Lovely; Secret Love

GARLAND OF ROSES - Reward of Virtue

GARLIC - Courage; Strength

GERBERA Daisy  - You are the sunshine of my life

GINGER, Pink - Diversity

GINGER, Red - Unlimited Wealth

GLADIOLI - Sincere



HELICONIA - Great returns

HOLLY - Domestic Happiness

HONEYSUCKLE - Generous and Devoted; Affection

HYACINTH, Blue - Constancy

HYACINTH, Purple - I'm Sorry; Please Forgive Me; Sorrow

HYACINTH, Red or Pink - Play

HYACINTH, White - Loveliness; I'll Pray for You

HYACINTH, Yellow - Jealousy

HYDRANGEA - Thank You for Understanding



IRIS - Your Friendship Means So Much to Me; Faith; Hope; Wisdom and Valor; My Compliments

IVY - Wedded Love; Friendship



JASMINE - Amiability





LARKSPUR -White Joyful; happy-go-lucky

LARKSPUR, Pink - Fickleness

LARKSPUR - Purple Sweet disposition

LILAC, White- Innocence

LILAC, Purple -  Love

LILY, Calla - Beauty

LILY, Casablanca - I am in heaven when I'm with you

LILY, Pink - Romantic

LILY, Stargazer -  I see heaven in your eyes

LILY, Tiger - Wealth; Pride

LILY, White - Virginity; Purity; Majesty; It's Heavenly to Be With You

LILY, Yellow - I'm Walking on Air

LILY-OF-THE-VALLEY - Sweetness;  Return of happiness; Humility; You have made my life complete



MAGNOLIA - Nobility; Love of nature

MISTLETOE - Kiss me, Affection

MOSS - Maternal Love; Charity

MYRTLE - Love; Hebrew Emblem of Marriage



NARCISSUS - Egotism; Formality; Stay as Sweet as You Are




ORANGE BLOSSOM - Innocence; Eternal Love; Marriage and Fruitfulness

ORCHID - Love; Beauty; Refinement

ORCHID, Cattleya - Mature Charm



PALM LEAVES - Victory and Success

PANSY - Thought or Remembrance

PEONY - Good Life; Happy Marriage; Bashfulness

PHLOX - A good partnership; harmony

PINE - Hope; Pity

POPPY, General -  Imagination

POPPY, Oriental -Silence is golden

POPPY, Red - Pleasure; Consolation

POPPY, White - Consolation; Sleep

POPPY, Yellow - Wealth; Success

PRIMROSE - I Can't Live Without You





ROSE, Bridal - Happy Love

ROSE, Burgundy - Beauty.

ROSE, Champagne - You are tender & loving

ROSE, Coral - Desire

ROSE, Dark Crimson - Mourning

ROSE, Lavender - Love at first sight , enchantment.

ROSE, Orange - You are my secret love

ROSE, Pink - Perfect Happiness

ROSE, Light Pink - Grace; joy, gentility and admiration.

ROSE, Dark Pink - Thankfulness

ROSE, Peach - Modesty

ROSE, Red - Love, I Love You, Passionate love

ROSE, White - Purity, innocence, charm, happy love

ROSE, White and Red Together - Unity

ROSE, Red and Yellow Together "Congratulations!"

ROSE, Yellow and Orange Together  -passionate thoughts.

ROSE, Yellow - I am not worthy of your love

ROSEBUD - Beauty and Youth; A Heart Innocent of Love

ROSEBUD, Red - Pure and Lovely

ROSEBUD, White - Girlhood

ROSE LEAF - You May Hope

ROSE, Single Stems - Simplicity

ROSE, Single Full Bloom - I Love You; I Still Love You

ROSES, Bouquet of Full Bloom - Gratitude



SCABIOSA - Admiration

SMILAX - Loveliness

SNAPDRAGON - Deception; Gracious Lady; Presumption

SNOWBALL - Commitment

STEPHANOTIS - Happiness in Marriage

STOCK - Bonds of Affection; Promptness; Lasting Beauty

SUNFLOWER - Adoration

SWEET PEA - Good-bye; Departure; Blissful Pleasure; Thank You for a Lovely Time


TULIP, General - Perfect Lover; Fame

TULIP, Cream - I will love you forever

TULIP, Red - Believe Me; Declaration of Love

TULIP, Variegated - Beautiful Eyes

TULIP, Yellow - Hopeless Love




VIOLET - Modesty

VIOLET, Blue - Watchfulness; Faithfulness; I'll Always Be True

VIOLET, White - Let's Take a Chance


WILLOW - Bravery & humanity




ZINNIA, Magenta - Lasting Affection

ZINNIA - Thinking (or in Memory) of an Absent Friend

ZINNIA, White - Goodness