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Glass Hurricane Shade 11.5in

UPC: 0003100925695 03100925695
Price 6.99, 4 for 24.00Retail 11.00
(Save 36%)

Glass Hurricane Shade 11.5in

The picture of elegance, this curved, crystalline candleholder will perfectly accent luxurious décor for a party or wedding. The Glass Hurricane Shade can be used as a sheath for pastel or cream-colored pillar candles, or as a lovely container for stacks of dried flower buds or potpourri. For a romantic arrangement, fill this shade with dried rose buds and petal, and use as a centerpiece at a Valentine’s Day dinner or wedding reception. This vase is 11.5” tall, 4.75” wide at the top and bottom, and 5.5” wide in the middle. The photo above shows the shade sitting on a 8-1/2" Clear Glass Base (this is sold separately).

6.99, 4 for 24.0011.00
(Save 36%)

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