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DIY Make  Candy Trees

DIY Make Candy Trees

DIY Make  Candy Trees


Pastel Dream Topiary
Designed By: Kathleen George

STYROFOAM Brand Products:
1. Insert and glue dowel in foam ball. Insert and glue remaining ball in one of the pots, trimming as needed to fit; top of ball should be slightly lower than rim of pot.
2. Mix water, 1 teaspoon at a time, with 1 –1/2 cups powdered sugar; stir until smooth. Spread a thin layer of icing over cone and ball; let dry.
3. Glue Jordan almonds on foam shapes, placing almonds as close together as possible. Let dry.
4. Sponge paint pots; let dry.
5. Insert and glue wooden dowel into pot with foam ball; glue almonds to top of pot, covering foam ball. Glue cone to top of remaining pot. To finish, tie bow around dowel on ball-shaped topiary and around rim of pot for cone-shaped topiary.