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How to make a Natural Nut Topiary

How to make a Natural Nut Topiary

How to make a Natural Nut Topiary

Natural Nut Topiary
Designed By: Kathleen George

STYROFOAM* Brand Products:
Cone, 9" or 12" tall

Other Materials:
Assorted dried seed pods, pinecones and unshelled nuts (quantity varies depending on size of cone and materials used)
Decorative clay pot
Acrylic craft paint, brown
Paint brush
Acrylic shellac
Low temperature glue gun and glue sticks

1. Paint cone brown; let dry.
2. Following pattern in photo, or using your own design, arrange and glue dried materials around cone, leaving as little space as possible between each piece.
3. Apply shellac, using two coats if needed.
4. Display topiary on clay pot.

*Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company