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DIY   Make Coffee Bean ChristmasTrees

DIY Make Coffee Bean ChristmasTrees

DIY   Make Coffee Bean ChristmasTrees

How to make French Roast Christmas Trees Designed by Lee Lindeman


STYROFOAM* Brand Products:
Cones and Cardboard Cones 

Other Materials:
Acrylic paint, dark brown

Craft Glue
Sealer, gloss finish
Whole roasted coffee beans, 1/2 lb. 
Dark brown felt, 1/4 yd. or two 9" x 12" sheets
1" foam paintbrush
Disposable palette
Paper towels
Thick white craft glue
Pinking shears

1. Paint foam cones brown and let dry.
2. Rub glue along bottom edge of cone and then press a row of coffee beans side by side into glue. Position beans horizontally, vertically, or at an angle, keeping the direction uniform (see photo).
3. Continue adding rows of coffee beans until foam is covered, working small sections at a time. Let dry completely.
4. Spray coffee beans with sealer; let dry.
5. Using pinking shears, cut a circle of brown felt to match bottom of each cone. Glue felt to bottom of trees.

*Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company

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