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DIY:  Wedding Head Piece Garlands  - Click to enlarge

DIY: Wedding Head Piece Garlands

DIY:  Wedding Head Piece Garlands

Flower girls' head garland

Make this beautiful head garland for your flower girl. 

Use a smaller version of the head garland to fit around a bun or a ponytail.

Materials and Tools: (for garland in photo above)

Basic garland making instructions

If using fresh flowers : 

1. Allow the flowers to stand in a preservative solution in a cool place for several hours.

2. Measure a piece of coiled floral wire to fit the size of the persons’ head. Coiled wire is best because it takes a circular shape. Allow a little extra at each end. Make a 
hook and eye at the ends of the wire. Bind the wire with stem tape.

3. Wire and tape the individual flowers and leaves. 


4. Tape the individual flowers and leaves to the taped wire.




5. Add ribbon streamers down the back.



Garden Wedding Flower Girls Head Garland

      Cut delphinium blossom stems at the bottom -where the last flower is. (You are removing the stem completely)


     Wire these blossoms together to form a 23" circle (or a circle to fit the size of the head.)  


     Hot glue the open rose over a place where the flower stems meet. Hot glue pieces of the baby's breath and a few hydrangea flowers (not the whole stem) around the rose.


     Randomly glue hydrangea florets onto the blossom garland you have just made.


     Make a seven inch wide, 2 loop (loopy) bow with one 24" tail and one 12" tail with the white ribbon and another one just like it with the green ribbon. Set aside.

* See how to make loopy bows

     Make a four inch wide 2 loop (loopy ) bow with one 19" tail and one 9" tail with the sheer pink ribbon.

 * See how to make loopy bows

     Wire the pink bow to the green bow; and the green bow to the white one. Wire the white one( and the layer of bows) to the garland very close to the open rose.
See more floral design instruction.
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