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Dried Moss Green

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Dried Moss Green

This natural green moss, gathered in Oregon, can be used as terrarium bases, pot or vase filling, garnish in your crafts. Bring the look of a lush, green wood to your home by filling clear glass vases with the Green Dried Moss. Shape this moss by wetting, towel drying, and shaping it. This moss comes in a 13” long and 10.5” wide pack, and measures 410 cubic inches.

  • Note: Be sure to wash your hands after using. Moss can have sprays on them which are not good for children or animals. Do not use to make costumes.

(Save 40%)

Customer Reviews

Ann Thompson
San Diego

(1 Star) Ann Thompson
Disappointed in this product, not very green, a lot of yellow moss, a lot of waste since there wasn't hardly any green, hardly any nice size pieces of moss. A good product for soil amendment but lousy for crafts and floral. Very disappointed that crafts stores don't offer high quality, nice green, not crushed moss that has decent size pieces in the bag, they should sell high quality and low quality to give customers a choice. Please make available better quality moss! I know it's out there because I use to get it from a garden center store when I lived in Portland, OR, it was only a few dollars more than this product for the same size bag plus the bags were really, really full! Like everything else, better quality cost more, you get what you pay for and good quality moss is so totally worth it!

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