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Ice Cubes Lights Premium LED 1.5" PInk 3- Mode (8 ice cubes)

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Ice Cubes Lights Premium LED 1.5" PInk 3- Mode (8 ice cubes)

Ice Cubes Lights Premium LED 1.5" Pink 3- Mode (8 ice cubes). 1.5"
8 ice cube lights
can place in drinks lasts up to 12 hours
3 modes
FDA approved safe for beverages
does not take replaceable battery -battery compartment sealed for safety
submersible bright lights.
can freeze for placing in drinks Image above shows a vase with fresh orchids. The vase is filled with colorfill vase filler (could also use glass marbles), water and a pink LED ice cube. One photo show daytime the other is night. Each has a 3 function button on it to allow steady-on / flashing / off. FDA approved safe for beverages. Long life battery lasts up to 12 hours. See all the Lite Cube Colors Available All Litecubes use a sealed lithium battery and super bright LED system to light up. Brightcubes are not a chemical type light source. Litecubes are safe and non-toxic and are approved by the FDA Litecubes are made of FDA-approved plastic and contain a non-toxic re-freezable gel. Cubes measure 1-1/2" square. Use as party favors, decorations and floral designing.

(Save 40%)

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