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Glowbys Rainbow - Green, Red, Blue, & Violet

UPC: 0040099901534 40099901534
Price $2.99, 12/$28.80Retail $4.99
(Save 40%)

Glowbys Rainbow - Green, Red, Blue, & Violet

Illuminated Fiberoptic Lights Glowbys Rainbow Strands with battery $2.99 each / 12 for $2.40 each Fiber optic lights on a barrette. A unique accessory for prom, parties, clubs, weddings - any nighttime event. fiber optic strands are 15” long
batteries included
replacement batteries available
batteries last +10 hours
small barrette houses 2 batteries
To replace batteries simply slide lid slightly open on the barrette. This is also how you turn them off. 50-60 fibers per Glowby You can trim the fiberoptic strands any length you want. SEE extra batteries Use them for costuming. Cut to any length you want - a star of light appears wherever the fibers are cut. Do not use with a curling iron or hair dryer on. HIGH heat will melt the plastic fibers. Batteries included Use Glowbys in floral displays.

$2.99, 12/$28.80$4.99
(Save 40%)

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