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Rose Petals Freeze Dried | 5 cups

UPC: 0040099901289 40099901289
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Rose Petals Freeze Dried | 5 cups

For gorgeous floral accents that will never brown or crumple, use these freeze dried assorted rose petals. Perfect for wedding tosses, decorating paths, tables, and bedspreads, these petals will last for years. The diverse colors of this assortment of rose petals will complement any decor. Each package contains 5 cups. The number of petals varies. The average number of petals per cup is 35 to 40. Recommended use: 1 to 3 cups per table as accent. For an aisle: 1 cup per square foot for light coverage, 2 cups per square foot for moderate coverage, 3 cups per square foot to create a blanket effect. Use 4-6 cups for a flower girl. For a wedding toss, 1/2 a cup per guest. You can soften your rose petals if you choose by placing the open container into a steamy bathroom for 20-30 minutes. Do not refrigerate.

  • 5 cups of petals per package
  • Approximately 35 to 40 rose petals per cup
  • Store away from direct sunlight
  • Petals do not wilt or stain under normal conditions
  • Biodegradable

$7.50, 3/$21.00$15.00
(Save 50%)

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