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DIY: Make a Floral Centerpiece: using a bamboo grid

DIY: Make a Floral Centerpiece: using a bamboo grid

From Florists Review 101 How to favorites volume 2

Framed Flowers: Lushly gathered roses are surrounded by tufts of baby's breath. from Florist's Review 101 how-to favorites -volume 2

For a new take on the classic "roses in a vase" design. Try this modern composition.

It resembles a plane of apricot-hued roses arranged pave' style amid an ethereal cloud of "Million Stars" Gypsophilia (baby's breath).

A sleek tapered vase in a modern square shape adds an interesting look to the design, but the geometric opening offers a functional purpose as well; its's shaped just right to hold a decorative grid into which the florals are arranged. The structure is easily assembled using bamboo and raffia and is nestled into the vase. The vase's tapered walls ensure that the grid remains snugly in place

How to make : Step by Step

1. Make a small decorative grid with six pieces of bamboo and raffia that will fit snugly into the top of a square glass vase.
2. Arrange stems of baby's breath in the vase, around the perimeter, to create a fluffy border for roses.
3. Arrange a dozen short stemmed roses in the center of the vase on the same level as the baby's breath for a contemporary styling. .
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