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10 Pink Floralytes   Decorative Accent Lighting

10 Pink Floralytes   Decorative Accent Lighting10 Pink Floralytes   Decorative Accent LightingTeal and pink floralytes

10 Pink Floralytes Decorative Accent Lighting

(Save 38%)

The original Floralyte is a bright LED light designed to be used for one event.Use it to illuminate floral arrangements, props, centerpieces, serving trays, candles, ice sculptures, place settings and more. These lights are wireless and battery operated. Once activated, they have a battery life of 36+ hours, and the batteries are not replaceable. These lights come in packs of 10, and measure 1.5” long and .25” deep. .These are powered by non replaceable batteries. Attached to each Floralyte is an elastic string that can be used for hanging the light, or it can be removed.


  • Pack of ten
  • Each measures 1 1/2" Long, 3/4" wide, 1/4" thick.
  • Battery life 36-48 hrs
  • Activate light by removing paper strip
  • One time use
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