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DIY Making Floral Trees with Natural Branches

DIY Making Floral Trees with Natural Branches

How to make floral trees with natural branches

Blossoming Tree

Large-scale arrangements need not be difficult to make or expensive. Gather several natural tree branches , 8 to 10 stems of dried flowers, preserved orchids, preserved rose heads and some floral foam, a pot and some moss, and you have all the ingredients for a spectacular tree. The container you select will determine the mood of the arrangement. Wooden tubs, terra-cotta pots, fiberglass containers, Chinese ceramic pots, wicker or vine baskets are all interesting possibilities.

blossoming tree

1. Secure the foam in the pot with hot glue.

2. Insert the branches in the foam. When you have them where you want them, add quick setting plaster to the pot covering the space around the foam and around the branches. When the plaster dries, cover it with some moss.

3. Use hot glue to attach tiny florets of dried hydrangea, orchids or rose heads to the branches. Distribute them evenly throughout the tree and build up density gradually. Glue the flowers where branches meet rather than along an open branch