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Plastic & Resin Vases, Bowls and Pots

  • Large Clam Shell Bowl 17.5in
  • Rocks, Stones, Bark, Trunks
  • Sand - Sparkle Sand,  Colors
  • Pots, Planters
  • Floral Supplies
  • Glass Vases & Centerpiece Containers
  • Centerpiece Mirrors

    Quality high luster plastic floral containers including mint julep cups, vases and centerpiece bowls. See all the flower pots , galvanized buckets, french flower market buckets, tubs and vases, bowls, floral containers

    White Plastic Jardiniere Pot
    White Plastic Jardiniere Pot
    $6.99, 3/$18.00$9.00
    (Save 22%)
    Large Clam Shell Bowl 17.5in
    Large Clam Shell Bowl 17.5in
    $59.00, 2/$100.00$69.00
    (Save 14%)
    Planters Pots Grey 11"
    Planters Pots Grey 11"
    $6.00, 3/$15.00$9.00
    (Save 33%)